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Here s an archive of every ship in exo ot12. Baidu exo taose bar 140423 channel v music awards overdose tao focus duration.

Exo Teaser Tao X Lay Exogallery Minus Com Tao Exo Exo Lay Tao

2015 passed and tao went on with his promotional activities with exo and his individual gigs.

Exo lay and tao. After the departure of three personnel several netizens thought that lay would immediately leave exo too. On july 10 2015 his official studio updated its weibo image with a teaser image hinting a possible solo debut in china with his stage name changed to z tao. So here we go.

Tao s departure from exo. Tao was one of the chinese members of exo along with lay kris and luhan. Stylized in all caps is a south korean chinese boy band based in seoul with nine members.

Xiuhan xiumin x luhan. In a rather ambiguous post tao said let s go on a date exo l want to hold hands this was interpreted as tao staying thus dispelling malicious gossip about his stay in the group. Exo taose bar 35 068 views.

Exo s lay and girls generation s tiffany will be hitting the stage at 2020 virgin fest. With this tao has stopped promotions with exo and is currently inactive as a member. Lay can heal any form of body damage but the patient must be alive even if hanging by a thin thread in order to be healed.

After the release of luhan kris and tao lay began to get a lot of attention because he was the only member from china still in the group. Exo managed to break that prediction by continuing to promote with nine members. Taolay tao x lay baektao tao x baekhyun chentao tao x chen chantao tao x chanyeol taosoo tao x d o kaitao tao x kai taohun tao x sehun.

Xiumin suho lay baekhyun chen chanyeol d o kai and sehun. Lay can restore biotic organisms to their optimal health cure damaged or withered organisms wounds broken bones low vitality and diseases poisoning. The band was formed by sm entertainment in 2011 and debuted in 2012.

I ll start with xiumin and go from oldest to youngest. Virgin fest is a multistage festival with a focus on people and planet and it s organized by.

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